Do you have a great idea for a business?

How do you go from that initial inspiration to actually getting your business off the ground?


From the desk of Torie Mathis,

Marketing Strategist, Trainer + Entrepreneur

Dear Soon-to-be Business Builder!


Starting a business is an exciting, yet scary process. With the staggering data on failed businesses how can you make sure you have your new business set up for success?


Starting a business has many moving parts and it requires quite a bit of planning, but anyone can do it if they approach it in a focused and organized manner.

You need a mentor to guide you through the step-by-step process of starting your business.

I’m here for you.


I have helped hundreds of business owners launch their business idea into a rock-solid successful business. 


After a decade of working this business owners, I nailed down the exact steps to take you from idea to viable business.

Many people talk about starting a business, but few make it past the dreaming stage.  

And even fewer get their business launched and earning enough to reach their financial goals.  


What is it that holds back these aspiring entrepreneurs’ success?  


Often, it’s because...  

  • Your mindset is stuck on failure and self-doubt 
  • You worry that your business won’t earn enough 
  • You don’t know what’s involved in getting your business set up 
  • You’re not sure exactly what to sell that people will buy
  • You aren’t clear on how you’ll get people to buy  

And sometimes it’s just because you can’t get organized and focused on your goal long enough to reach it.


It's time to finally feel in control of your dream and launch your business idea into reality with ease. 


A step-by-step course with Marketing Agency CEO and Entrepreneur Torie Mathis to successfully launch your business with ease.


With my easy-to-follow course, there are no short cuts, no sneaky tactics or fast tracks to success. There are no push button riches, no loopholes. Just the building blocks you don't want to overlook.


In Start Your Business, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step process for going from idea to viable business.


You’ll finally be able to escape the overwhlem and confusion of not knowing if you are missing any part to starting your business.


From your target market to branding and how to price your services to getting ready for your big launch - you'll feel at ease that you have it all covered. 


You’ll find out how to step-by-step launch your new business.


By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Clarify and test a potentially profitable business idea so you serve those who need you and bring in the income you desire 

  • Identify your initial branding and marketing tactics for your launch 

  • Set up a legally established business in your country  

  • Know the key metrics to know if your business is on track to be profitable.

  • How to price your products and services 

  • How to define your target marketing so that you have customers ready and excited to buy the moment  you launch.

We’ve divided up the course into clearly defined modules, so you won’t get overwhelmed with all the skills to learn.


We’ll give you specific activities to complete to make sure you implement what you learn,


…along with a Action Guide to take notes and complete the activities.


You’ll get a Summary Checklist to keep by your side and refer to whenever you need a reminder of the key points from the course.


And you’ll also get graphics and resources to help you remember what you’ve learned and to put it all into action.

Want the specifics?

Here are the topics we'll cover throughout the course:



You'll kickstart the course by giving a quick overview and explaining what people will be able to do by the time they're done, so that they're excited to jump in and start learning.


Module 1: Develop a Mindset for Success

In the first module, you'll explore the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and help your students recognize that they have the power to change their mindset. Then they’ll identify their big “why” for their business, so that they always have a motivating reason to deal with the challenges of getting a new business off the ground.  


Module 2: Define Your Driving Vision and Values  

While knowing why you want to start a business is an important first step, so is having a vision of your life once that business is a reality. In Module 2, you’ll show your students how to identify the vision and values that will guide them on their business-building journey, so that they always stay true to themselves.  


Module 3: Pick the Right Business for You

Most of your students will already have a vague idea of the business they want to start, but it’s important to make sure it matches up with their strengths and talents. In Module 3, you’ll show them how to ensure this match is there, so they’ll have the best chances of success. Then you’ll help them set revenue goals, so that they have a way to check their progress as their business gets going.  


Module 4: Identify Your Target Customer and Your Niche

There’s no point investing time in building a business if it has no chance of being profitable. In Module 4, you’ll walk your students through the steps for researching their market to see if it can be profitable, getting totally clear on their ideal customer, and determining if they need to niche down further to compete effectively. 


Module 5: Decide What to Offer and How 

Once your students understand their target customer, they can make decisions about what to offer that’s also in line with their big “why” and their values and strengths. In Module 5, you’ll explore different business models and how to choose the right one. Then you’ll show your students how to define the unique value they’ll offer and how to design a minimum viable product to test with their market, so they can get feedback before investing too much in one direction.  


Module 6: Set Up the Essentials for Running your Business  

Starting a viable, sustainable business involves a lot more than creating a product and putting it up for sale. There are all sorts of legal, administrative, and financial requirements. In Module 6, you’ll walk through the most common ones that your students have to set up, providing them with a checklist of items to address. They will then need to research any requirements that are specific to their country.  


Module 7: Start Branding Your Business Now

Even though your students are starting with a minimum viable product, it’s important to think about their branding from the start. In Module 7, you’ll discuss the elements of an effective brand and how it ties in with their Unique Value Proposition. Then you’ll walk them through how to start branding their first offer, so that it has a clear identity that people will remember.  


Module 8: Pick the Right Price  

Pricing is always a touchy subject for any business owner since it’s such a big decision that affects revenue. In Module 8, you’ll explore the concept of value vs. price and explain different pricing strategy options. You’ll then give your students the questions they need to ask themselves to pick their strategy and price their MVP. 


Module 9: Set Up Your Marketing  

A new business doesn’t need a grand marketing plan to get off the ground, but it pays to have a few strategies in place. In Module 9, you’ll show your students how they can get started with a few good, low cost marketing tactics that are proven effective. You’ll give them a simple 10-point plan to fill in and tell them how to decide which tactics to choose, so they can have something to guide them without being overwhelmed. 


Module 10: Your Launch Starts Here 

Business launches are exciting, but stressful. In Module 10, you’ll explain to your students the importance of carefully planning their launch and how it involves 3 phases - pre-launch, launch, and post-launch. You’ll give them ideas and tips for success in each phase and then have them put together their own launch plan for their first offer. 


Module 11: Track Your Progress

Successful businesses monitor a few key metrics to make sure they’re on track to achieve their goals. In Module 11, you’ll explain the 7 key metrics that your students should be looking at in their business, so they can use that data to improve and grow in the future. 


Module 12: Moving Forward

In this last module, you’ll give your students sound advice on how to make sure they maintain a balance in their life as they immerse themselves in their business. You’ll discuss ways to plan their time, be more productive, and set ongoing goals. They’ll finish up by creating their Action Plan, so they know exactly what they need to do next to make their business dream a permanent reality.


"Torie has shown me the exact steps to start my business. She made it easy to follow, and I never felt overwhelmed or stressed. I just followed the process."  -Stephanie L.


Take charge of your business idea and get ready to launch your own successful business.

Start Your Business with Torie Mathis is your Key to getting your business started now.


It’s time to stop trying to figure this out on your own.

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