My new book reveals how I find $10k in any business in 1 hour without spending a dime.

And marketers don't want you to know these strategies. 


From the desk of Torie Mathis,
Marketing Strategiest + Ad Agency CEO, 
Atlanta, GA

Dear Business Builder,


Over the past decade, I have worked with thousands of business owners to improve their marketing to grow their business. The first answer most marketers have is to throw more dollars at the problem, but I disagree…and most marketers and advertising salesman don’t want you to hear this. 

Secrets of an Ad Agency CEO:

The truth is, I can meet with any business owner and find them a minimum of $10,000.00 in their business in less than an hour without spending a dime extra in marketing, advertising or additional staff. The problem most business owners have with growing their business isn’t their marketing budget. The problem with scaling their business isn’t their lack of staff. The problem with creating a business that actually works for them, rather than dragging them down isn’t Facebook vs. LinkedIn.


In this groundbreaking book I finally reveal in detail how I can find any business more money without spending more on advertising.

What I'm going to give you:

I’m so excited to get this book to you because it isn’t just another business manual full of fluff and empty promises... 

This is a book full of valuable strategies you can use in your business right now on how to grow your business without spending a dime on more marketing silver bullets and empty promises.

And don’t worry, it won’t take you weeks to read. 

At 139 pages you could finish it and get started all in one day...

Here is some of what you'll learn:

I'll show you the steps I go through for any business to find at least $10k for them (and usually much more) without spending a dime on advertising, marketing, or additional staff.

  • The easy step you can do to have 34% of customers buy more from you right 49

  • How your website, business card and marketing materials are driving off would-be customers and how to fix 23

  • How to stop being overwhelmed by all the marketing options you could use to spend your marketing budget 10

  • How to get all the new customers you can handle each and every 46.

  • The simple and powerful strategy you can use this week to boost your profits by 68.

  • An easy way to increase your average customer invoice and have them delighted about 55.

  • The key to completely stop your customers from buying based on your prices and stop competing on 17.

  • A powerful strategy to capture the business of clients that may otherwise have said 35.

  • The system you can set up to create a steady stream of clients you could turn on and off as you'd 47.

  • The one simple sales strategy that could double your revenue this 26.

  • How to increase your business revenue by 25-40% without adding new products, service or sales 66.

  • How to completely eliminate the biggest complaint small business owners have these 61.

  • Why you're currently only appealing to 1% of buyers and how to change this right now and reach more 17.

  • How to create a system for your business where you consistently get new leads at no extra cost to your marketing 73.

  • How to enter the conversation going on with prospects and make them beg to work with 20.

  • How to handpick hot products your customers will buy and buy 54.

  • How to have customers pay twice the price for the same products with ease and grace...aka not feel bad or like a slimy salesman at 62.

Written for Business Builders without a degree in Business or Marketing

And don't worry if you don't have a background in Business, Marketing or any technical advertising skills. 


I created this book so that you don't need an MBA to figure out how to grow your business...anyone in any industry can apply even only a handful of these strategies and have amazing, never-thought-of results.

Here's what to do next

For only $6.95 USD, you’ll receive my book instantly as a digital download.

As soon as you have ordered, I’ll send you an email with confirmation and your link to download your copy of the book.


You can then get reading and "Doing" right away so you don't have to wait for any pesky shipping delays...

You can also access the book on any of your devices too.



There's no catch

I know that the book is not expensive so it might make you think that there is some sort of “catch”.

And I definitely don’t blame you for thinking this when there are so many other offers out there...

...that lock you in and charge your credit card every month type.

This isn’t one of them.

I’m not going to start making you pay every month to keep your access to my book and the bonus trainings and templates.

I am simply going to give you real value and practical strategies by sending you my whole book for $6.95 USD as a digital download.

I’m doing this because I want to get our relationship started off on the right foot...

...and reward you for wanting to take massive action in your business today.

Time is Running Out...

Offering my book at this low price means that I usually lose money…

It costs me over $50 USD in advertising just to sell one copy.

Why would you do that? You might ask…

Well, it’s simple.

I am so confident that you are going to open up my book... it so much and experience so much value that you are going to want to stick around and learn more from me :-)

But obviously I can’t continue to do this for much longer at this price with everything that you are going to be receiving...

Because of this it will only be available for a limited time.

BONUS chapters to show the strategies in action

And to help illustrate how these strategies work in real businesses I have included three chapters that show these strategies in action. 


These case-studies show the exact steps three different professions could use to implement and explode their business. 


And there is no charge for it. This is my extra gift to you for just checking out the book.

Oh yeah. In case you are wondering…

There is also a money-back guarantee.

In fact, I think it’s pretty fair to say that it is…



my "Love It Or Pay Nothing" promise.

I know you’re going to love this book and want to hold onto it to start growing your business without spending more on marketing and advertising…

But if you don’t I will refund your $6.95 USD and let you keep your copy of the book anyway!

Yes, you heard that right. I guarantee that you will love it, but if not I will completely refund your money, no questions asked!

Just email me at

Sound pretty good? 

This truly is a limited-time offer so claim your copy now. 

Order today for only $6.95 USD​

Remember that we offer a full 30-day refund guarantee, so it’s a risk-free purchase!

You will receive an email with the access link immediately upon ordering.

Here's to creating the business and life you love.

xo Torie


P.S.  Chances are you are probably one of those people (like me) who skip straight down to the end of the page. If that is you, here is the deal.

I’m offering you an 139 page book for $6.95 USD.

It outlines how I find any business $10k or more in an hour. It gives real world examples and includes three bonus chapters showing the strategies in action in three completely different professions.


As a bonus I will send you three additional strategies for three different industries so you can get more ideas of how to put them to work in your business. 


All of these strategies can be done without spending a dime more on advertising and some strategies will actual reduce your business expenses.


This is a very limited offer because it is a marketing test.

There is no “catch” to this offer either. You won’t be getting harassed by a sales team as soon as you buy the book, but I will add you to my email list where I share weekly advice on how to grow your business by marketing smarter, scale with awesome digital tools and how to get out of your own way by developing a success mindset. You can unsubscribe at anytime, but I hope you'll stick around!

In fact if you don’t like the book you can let me know by emailing me at and I’ll even give you back your $6.95 USD

Click below to get the book now. You will not regret it.