Get More Clients with LinkedIn

Setting up your LinkedIn profile correctly can boost not only your profile views and connections but also can get you MORE clients. Learn the exact steps to create a wow-worthy LinkedIn profile with the LinkedIn Business Blueprint.





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You get everything you need to create a client-attracting LinkedIn Profile with ease.

Step 1: Set up your account

Like any social media platform, LinkedIn provides you with a profile page designed to show the world what’s special and unique about you—and why they should get to know you better. Let's make sure you have it set up correctly to be effective.

Step 2: Optimize your profile for search

LinkedIn boasts a sophisticated search algorithm that allows users to find the professionals best suited for any job. It’s closely aligned with Google’s own algorithm, so a well-optimized profile will not only rank well on LinkedIn, but it will inevitably show up when others Google your name. You'll have an optimized, search-ready profile in no time.

Step 3: Find and connect with your ideal clients

Connections are the key to ranking better in a LinkedIn search. No matter how relevant or well-chosen your keywords are, if you’re not connected to a lot of people, your search ranking will be limited. You'll get the exact steps to find ideal clients.

Step 4: Find, join, & participate in the right groups

One of the best ways to connect with your ideal client on LinkedIn is to join relevant groups. You’ll gain valuable insight into what’s important to your audience, plus you’ll have a chance to share your expertise and build relationships. But what groups do you join? And once you join then what? You'll have confidence in using groups to grow your business.

Step 5: Create your own LinkedIn group

Once you’ve joined several relevant groups, you might be thinking, “I’d get a lot more out of this if I owned the group, rather than just being a member.” You may be nervous about this now, but soon you'll be ready to use your own group to reach even more ideal customers. 

Step 6: Share valuable content

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn status updates are far less frequent. That means your message has a lot less competition and is more likely to be seen. You'll know exactly what to share and when.

Step 7: Publish on LinkedIn 

Call it blogging, article marketing, or simply content marketing, one thing is certain: If you’ve not used LinkedIn Pulse yet, you’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity to reach a much wider audience. 

Step 8: Promote your best products and service

The key to promoting your products and programs on LinkedIn is this: a perfectly timed and matched offer. That means the shotgun approach (such as you might try on Twitter) won’t work. Instead, you’ll want to carefully consider your products and programs and choose the one or two that will most likely resonate with your LinkedIn audience, and then share them strategically.

Find out exactly how to get more clients on LinkedIn by downloading the LinkedIn Business Blueprint.