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  • how to write + edit your book

    (even if you feel you have no time)

  • how to effectively publish your book

    (even if you have no experience)

  • how to brand yourself as an author & expert

    (even if you have no branding experience)

  • how to promote your book

    (even if you have little time or budget)

  • how to sell more books

    (even if you have only sold a handful so far)

  • what opportunities exist beyond your book

    (even if you have no idea what to do next)

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#1 Access to the Author Exposure Training Library


With your Author Exposure Inner Circle Membership you get access to all training and resources in our online member area - more is added each month!  We only keep what is current and working RIGHT NOW! Our library includes:

  • Book Planner

    Book Brainstorming planner to simplify your writing process and finally get the book DONE.

  • Grow your Reach

    How to use publishing platforms and promotions to get more sales and opportunities.

  • Book Signing Event

    How to plan and execute a successful book signing with templates & checklists! 

  • Book Speaking Gigs

    How to turn your book into a way to land more speaking engagements.

  • Social Media Skills

    How to use social media channels to sell books, reach more readers and get more fans.

  • Publishing Your Book

    The exact steps to get your book ready for publishing on the major publishing sites.

  • Book Cover Design

    Step-by-step process to get a stellar cover designed that will get you more sales.

  • Amazon Author Page

    How to use this FREE and amazing tool to brand yourself as a professional author.

  • Lead Generation

    How to turn your book into a lead generation tool to grow your business.

  • LinkedIn for Authors

    How to set up and use your LinkedIn profile for more opportunities and book sales.

  • Book Launch

    An easy to follow plan to get your website, social media and list building in place before launch. 

  • Publishing Site

    Steps for Amazon, Lulu, Kindle, KDP to make it easy to get your book out.

  • Virtual Book Tour

    How to interact with fans, appeal to new readers, and grow your fan base with a fun virtual event. 

  • Keynote Planner

    How to turn your book and knowledge into an in-demand keynote.

  • Book Giveaway

    What to include in your book giveaway funnel to reach more people and grow your reach.

Access everything 24/7/365 on any device!


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#2 Self-Publishing System

($1497 VALUE)

Finally! A Fast & Easy, Step-By-Step Plan To Self-Publish Your Book…

Without Stressing Over Time, Money, Or Sales!


Clearing the Confusion Surrounding the Self-Publishing Landscape
There’s nothing magical about self-publishing. It doesn’t require a marketing degree or technical expertise.

And unlike just a few years ago, it no longer requires a huge investment. But it does require that you have a solid understanding of the various platforms, proper formatting for each, and a bit of a time investment. In my “4-Week Self-Publishing System,” I’ve got all this and more covered for you, so all you have to do is find that book that’s mostly finished, and get started!

Module 1: Get Your Book Ready for Publishing

Finishing your book is only the beginning—but don’t worry, in module one I’ll walk you through what needs to happen before your book is ready for print, including…

  • 3 types of editing—skip even one of these, and your book (and your sales) will suffer for it.
  • Where to find great editors—and why this is one job you absolutely must outsource.
  • How and why to pre-qualify beta readers—and how to get feedback that is actually helpful and not simply glowing.
  • How to choose a formatter for your book—including six questions you must answer before you pay anyone!
  • 3 formatting options to choose from—and one that you probably already have on your computer (plus how to use it).
  • Two ways to create a spectacular, stand-out cover—don’t skip this, because people really do judge a book by its cover.
  • Pros and cons of various cover file types—and when and why you might choose one over another.
  • How to organize your files for your formatter—she’ll be much more efficient and less expensive if you do this one simple thing!
  • How to prepare your files for distribution—because a little planning leads to a lot less stress!

Module 2: Plan Your Book Launch

Now that your book is edited and properly formatted, it’s time to get the word out, and that starts with a rollicking book launch. Of course, there are lots of moving parts to coordinate, so I’ve broken down the steps for you in module 2, including…

  • 10 pre-launch tasks you can do right now (even before your book is finished) to build a buzz—get your audience excited, and you’ll build a ready list of buyers weeks ahead of time!
  • Why your book launch is not just about your book—and how to incorporate video, audio and more to capture a larger audience.
  • Why YouTube can be your biggest source of traffic during a book launch—and all it takes is this one simple tool!
  • How to prepare your website for launch—skipping this step is like failing to straighten your house before company arrives.
  • How to find the time to do all the tasks that are required for an amazing launch—because the last thing you need is more overwhelm.
  • A 3-step plan for gearing up your social media presence—Without a strong social media plan, your launch will suffer.
  • The one tool all social outreach plans need—and you’re probably using it every day (but maybe not correctly).
  • How to find out the best time (and places) to hang out online with your audience—because getting in front of the traffic is critical to your success.
  • How to make use of your ARCs—and how to be sure you get the best results from your outreach efforts.

Module 3: Step-by-Step Amazon Start Up

No publishing plan is complete without a deep-dive into Amazon and its self-publishing services, including Kindle/KDP. In Module 4, you’ll discover...

  • Why it’s critical to upload your book to Amazon’s self-publishing platforms in a specific order—if you get this wrong, you’ll create a lot more work for yourself!
  • Vital differences you must know about cover art—one missing piece can derail your publishing plans before you get started.
  • Time—and frustration—saving tips for image formatting—the rules are very different for print than digital, so don’t skip this section.
  • Why you shouldn’t use all the space you’re given for your book description—and how to make your book stand out.
  • The pros and cons of publishing on KDP—and why you might want to do it regardless.
  • What you must know about ISBNs—and how one little choice can keep you out of brick-and-mortar bookstores permanently.
  • How to make the KDP Select decision—and the huge advantage that can more than make up for lack of sales.
  • How to optimize your Amazon author page—and an in-depth look at one author who gets it all right.

Module 4: Grow Your Reach With More Publishing Platforms and Promotion

As unbelievable as it may seem, there are many (many) other publishing platforms outside of Amazon. In module 4, we’re going to dig deep into your other options to see where you can possibly have greater success…

  • 3 major platforms your audience is using—including one you may never have heard of!
  • A bullet point comparison of the most popular publishing platforms—and one big drawback to a major player that you must know about.
  • 7 ways to promote your book offline—you might just be surprised how much traction you can gain.
  • Practical tips for how to manage it all—because it’s easy to become so overwhelmed your book is never published, or worse, it’s published badly.
  • Critical considerations when it comes to choosing different publishing platforms—including location-specific issues you may not have considered.
  • What you must know about payments, commissions, and stats—and which platforms do it best.
  • Why you might want to purchase your own ISBN—and the one platform that requires it.


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#3 Monthly Live Coaching Calls

($5697 VALUE)

Imagine being able to jump on a call with us to ask us anything you wanted to know - with almost no questions off limits. You can ask questions about:

Every month for an hour we will answer your questions during a group Q&A call and give you up to date information on what is working (and what's not) for authors to get more exposure, sell more books and get more opportunities. The only people that have this kind of one-to-one access to pick our brain is our high-end mastermind clients. 


All of our calls are recorded and you can watch the replay in our membership area.

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About Steven Greene

After having worked through every entry level job in the entertainment industry, including Page at NBC and mail sorter at The William Morris Theatrical Agency, Steven Greene made it to Vice President and Executive Producer at Warner Bros. where he brought animation production back to the studio.


He then left corporate life to work as a carpenter and welder. Physical labor allowed the creative flow that led him to write novels and several screenplays that were produced by Major Hollywood Studios. Greene continues to be a major creative force. He writes fiction and non-fiction, sculpts, cooks and is a partner in a high level digital marketing agency.

About Torie Mathis

Torie has worked in the trenches…alongside frustrated business owners, coaches and authors, turning marketing nightmares into business wins. She is the CEO/Creative Director of a top marketing agency where she creates profit-producing, lead-generating marketing for clients. 

She is a US Army veteran, has a BFA in Advertising from the Academy of Art San Francisco, is a Best-Selling author, a Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer and a Certified Platinum Business Coach. She has spoken at events all over the world from the International Executive Coaches Retreat to the National League of Junior Cotillions and has trained organizations from United States Army Europe Family Readiness Groups to her local Chamber of Commerce.

We both know that writing a book and getting your book more exposure will change your life and open up opportunities you have only dreamt possible.

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#4 Exclusive Author Community 

($497 VALUE)

Consider This Your 24/7 Helpline For Feedback, Advice, Ideas, And Collaborations! Group Members Experience...

  •  Lively Discussion on relevant topics that affect all authors
  •  Support and accountability with many of our members creating real life meet ups in different locations!
  •  The Group Is A Powerful 'Idea Bed' for creative brainstorming and problem solving.
  •  Busy Active Threads with invaluable advice!

Inside the private Author Exposure private FB community, you’ll connect with other authors who are on the SAME journey to grow their business as you! You will never be alone as you walk the ‘Author’s Path’! And you’ll have all the support you need as you grow your business as an author. 


This Community Is Exclusively For Those With Active Memberships In the Author Exposure Inner Circle!  

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You’ll Also Get Access To EXCLUSIVE Bonuses For FREE, Starting From Day 1!

BONUS - $297 value 

Author's Marketing Tool Guide.

With so many possible marketing and promotion tools to choose from for marketing your book, business and services - how do you know which one to choose?


These comprehensive comparison charts will help you decide the exact tool for your situation for email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and so much more. Consider it a secret cheat sheet to the best software options right at your finger tips to help you sell more books and promote yourself as an author. 




The Ultimate Author's Checklists

Do you sometimes feel like there is so much to do to promote your book and yourself that it's hard to keep track of everything?  Not anymore!


The Ultimate Author's Checklists gives you an easy to use, complete A-Z for the most common must-do marketing, publishing and promotion tasks. From Cover Design and Publishing to a Book Giveaway Funnel and a Book Launch Event you will have a cheatsheet to guide you and keep you on track the entire way. This is an indispensable tool in any author's marketing tool box!

BONUS - $697 value 

The Non-Designer + Non-Techie Training to Design ANYTHING!

You used to have to wait for your graphic designer or marketing company to design professional looking marketing materials, social media graphics and books covers. And you were stuck with a hefty invoice and loss time too, but not anymore! 


With Canva even the most non-technical, non-designer can make beautiful graphics, brochures, ebooks, posters, flyers, business cards, social media banners and graphics and MORE. Yes, YOU can design anything with Canva. And we are going to show you exactly how to do it. 


This 32-part series walks you through in video with accompanying checklists from setting up your FREE Canva account to designing just about anything you could imagine - like a pro. 


This training alone WILL save you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS this year.




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Use your FREE Amazon Author page to boost your sales.

Use LinkedIn to increase your exposure + sell more books!

Plan a Virtual Book Tour to get more fans + sales!

Plan your Successful Best-Seller Launch from A-Z!  

Plan and know exactly what to post on Facebook.

Plan and execute a successful book signing event.

Plan an author photoshoot to successful brand yourself.

Get in front of more fans with the Kindle Marketplace.

Learn how to use a newsletter to grow your community.

Think beyond your book with this keynote planner.

Learn how you can profit from Kindle Singles.

Struggling to get started? Use the book brainstorming planner

Self-Publishing System

Get Your Book Ready

Self-Publishing System

Plan Your Book Launch

Self-Publishing System

Step-by-Step Amazon Setup

Self-Publishing System

Grow Your Reach




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Join Author Exposure Inner Circle for $1 for 7 days.

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